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Key Message
Key Message
Mankind is experiencing a new crisis that has never been experienced before. Ultimately, the crisis of COVID-19 Pandemic will pass. However, the reality that those who survived the crisis will face may be an entirely different world. As well as how to overcome the crisis in front of us, we need to think about the world we will face after this crisis has passed.

The global crisis caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic is different from that of past human beings. It is fundamentally a risk based on global uncertainty, has complex and stratified consequences, ranging from health, environmental, economic and political sectors, and is a global situation that is not limited to any particular region. It should also be recognized that the current global crisis is different in that it is a new risk arising from the characteristics of a hyperconnected modern society expressed by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Therefore, it can be said that the present situation is a very important point in that it requires human beings to change and improve the existing paradigm.

The new global crisis demands the establishment of a new global governance and a crisis management response method that is consistent with the hyperconnected modern society.

The new global governance paradigm needs to be designed and operated with scientific evidence-based, precautionary principle, information transparency and information democratization as core values.