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Current Status of COVID-19
Measuring COVID-19 Situation
Measuring COVID-19 Situation
Social Distancing
Border restriction Q.1 Do you implement mandatory self-quarantine for foreign immigrants (excluding visitors due to public service)?

Q.2 If mandatory self-quarantine is in place for foreign immigrants (excluding visitors by performing official duties), what means of transportation from the border to the quarantine area?

National lockdown Q.3 Are national lockdown in place to prevent spread from abroad?

Quarantine Q.4 Is there a person in charge of managing each quarantine subject to ensure that self-isolation is well maintained?
Q.5 Period of self-quarantine?

Increase isolation and quarantine facilities Q.6 Are there any facilities for self-quarantine targets (other than confirmed patients)?
Special measure for certain establishments Q.7 Do you designate and manage multi-use facilities that are vulnerable to the outbreak of COVID-19 patient population?
Gathering cancellation Q.8 Are there restrictions on small groups based on the extent of the COVID-19 epidemic?
Q.9 Are there restrictions on large groups based on the extent of the COVID-19 epidemic?