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Current Status of COVID-19
Measuring COVID-19 Situation
Measuring COVID-19 Situation
Social Distancing
Increase patient capactiy Q.1 Isolation ward operating rate?
Q.2 Is there a dedicated facility that can separate and treat COVID-19 patients according to the severity of the patient?
Adapt procedures for patient managemen Q.3 Are there manuals for medical institutions for managing COVID-19 patients?
Q.4 Are there administrative manuals for managing COVID-19 patients?
Isolation of cases Q.5 Are patients with COVID-19 isolated and treated regardless of severity?

Repurpose hospitals Q.6 Is it possible for patients with suspected COVID-19 to use medical facilities separately from general patients?

Increase availability of PPE Q.7 Is there a legal basis for the government to oversee the production and distribution of PPE in the event of a public health crisis?
Increase in medical supplies and equipment Q.8 Is there a system to share information on the supply and demand of medical supplies and equipment?
Environmental cleaning and disinfection Q.9 Are there manuals for cleaning and disinfection of collective facilities and multi-use facilities with COVID-19 patients?
Q.10 Is a company specializing in cleaning and disinfection designated and managed by a national agency?
Q.11 Are products that can be used for disinfection of COVID-19 designated and managed by national agencies?